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"Retaining our values
as we modernize,
We Add care"

Thank you for dropping by. We appreciate it. The hospital has evolved into one of the finest - and certainly the most preferred - healthcare provider in Pune.
A warm and friendly ambience, high quality medical services and personalized nursing care have been the hallmarks of Jehangir Hospital, ever since its inception in 1946.
Those of you who have visited us earlier will notice that we place as much value on therapy as on technology. We are dedicated to providing meaningful care for all those who seek healing through modern day remedies as much as we advocate the cause of wellness.
“Retaining our values as we modernize, we add care” perfectly illustrates how we are forging ahead. The patient remains the centre of all our endeavours as we evolve with changing times. Several generations of patients bear testimony to our dedication, to the quality of our care and our sensitivity to all who come through our doors. The continuum of care is an added edge that we offer as a hospital and we aim to be at the top of the list.
Our aim is to ensure sentiments of satisfaction and peace consistently, from patient to patient. We continue to do so through our unrelenting efforts to devise processes that revolve around the patients' well-being.
Our philosophy is to offer the expected level of quality and care at a fair price. As care providers, we have succeeded in enhancing our service standards without overburdening the patients financially. The overall value delivered through prompt access has resulted in a high level of satisfaction amongst our patients.
Our doctors are an integral and vital part of our commitment to deliver exceptional care. Their passion to heal and their constant drive toward higher quality outcomes is unmatched. They are thoroughly professional, approachable and always ready to extend a personal touch. They bring their excellence to speed up the patient’s recovery and return to normal life with the least amount of stress.
Here, at Jehangir Hospital, we encourage you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, all of which are the essence of fitness. Good health has always been a priceless asset, and will continue to remain one as well.
As we evolve, so do our levels of proficiency and merit. We run several programs for our personnel to sustain a high level of academic competence.
Changing lifestyles underline the need for us to learn more about our overall well-being and the importance of preventive healthcare. Jehangir Hospital believes in educating people about staying well and driving them toward sustained good health by running awareness programs regularly.
We encourage you to stay well.
Jehangir H. C. Jehangir
Chairman, Jehangir Hospital

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