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Tips for Intensive Care

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critical care unit

The Intensive Care Unit for any health care facility is an area which can create stress and tension for patients and their families. The Critical care unit is the facility which provides comprehensive and constant care and monitoring for patients with life threatening conditions. The patient undergoing critical care and the families need effective communication, for better healing and speedy recovery. The patient undergoing critical care needs extra care and certain ways for communication.

For families of patients undergoing critical care, they need to speak in a calm and low voice to the patient. It is important for family members to keep the morale of patient high, acknowledge of discomfort and pain and assure of substitute medication in place of tubes and comfort them with the progress. The families of critical care patients have to very patient, use sign boards and other communication means and not insist the patient for communication f not interested.

Patient of Critical care need lot of support and expression of love for boosting morale, orient them to the surroundings such as date and time of the day. Reading books or some kind of soft music if allowed can also help the patient. Family members of ailing patients need to follow guidance of the ICU staff for tips related to care. Stimulating a patient at an inappropriate time can interfere during critical periods of recovery.

Jehangir Hospital at Pune, in the western region of the country provides comprehensive 24/7 intensive care service for patients of trauma and other conditions. The Intensive Care Unit at the hospital is recognized by ISCCM (Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) to provide training for Intensive Care Specialists and a special training program for nurses of ICU. Other workshops such as BLS, ALS and Trauma Care are also conducted regularly for other faculty. A Blue Code team, known as the Rapid Response Team is available for timely and appropriate care of patients of cardiac arrest or other emergencies that may occur.

The Intensive Care Unit at the hospital has units for Medical ICU, Neuro ICU, Cardiac ICU, Trauma ICU and Pediatric ICU. Medical ICU deals with all types of emergencies including renal and hepatic. Another highly dedicated team deals with emergencies related to Respiratory, Renal and Hepatic failures, cancer emergencies and severe infections such as Malaria, dengue etc. Neuro ICU deals with emergencies of Stroke, providing treatment for clot burst therapy, ICP monitoring, EEG monitoring, state-of-the art digital scanning. The Cardiac care emergency unit works with intervention cardiology to provide treatment for cardiac emergencies.

For conditions of Poly –trauma including chest, abdomen and head trauma, Jehangir Hospital offers Intensive care specialists, surgeons, neurosurgeons for best care for critical care patients. The Pediatric Intensive Care unit at Jehangir is dedicated for care of newborns, children and teenagers. The department trusted by many is guided by qualified consultants, Pediatric Intensivists, round the clock nurses and other support staff.

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