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When to See a Surgeon for Low Back Pain

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When to See a Surgeon for Low Back Pain

In the contemporary world the focus of people has shifted to modern lifestyle and to their health-draining career. While fulfilling the desire of modern lifestyle people have forgotten about their health. The weird lifestyle, where people are running behind position and status is running the health aspect of people. Acute back pain and neck problems have become incessant and soon they are going to get lethal.

While occurrences like acute back pain can be highly painful and can cause disruptions in one’s life but a mild change in lifestyle can save one form a lot of hassle. Mostly the acute low back pain gets better with time; it takes around 5-12 weeks to heal without surgery that is why it is important to know when to see a surgeon for acute low back pain.

Numerous patients with acute low back pain wonder that they may need back surgery and they need to see a spine surgeon immediately. For most of the cases where acute low back pain are involved it is advised to for a physical examination by a Physiotherapist before seeing the spine surgeon.

As a primary care in the case of acute low back pain, a physiotherapist prescribes some medicine and advises patient to do some exercise and yoga related to neck and spine. If the acute low back pain of patient starts to get better by time due to specific medication and prescribed yoga and exercise, then they can easily resume their normal lifestyle, and they will be spared from seeing a spine surgeon. Regular stretching improves body posture on daily basis; ergonomics and yoga plays important role in curing acute low back pain and it lessens the chances of seeing a surgeon.

If a patient is not improving with prescribed medication and exercise and wishes not to see a surgeon then they need to go with conservative care. In conservative care, specialists helps patient in rehabilitation of the muscles of spine and neck. In the rehabilitation process physiatrists have a special role.

The role of physiatrists is more often same as the role of cardiologist in cardiac care. Most of the time physiatrist works together with spine surgeon in the rehabilitation process. The act of attending rehabilitation procedure has leveraged a lot of surgeon with enough knowledge about conservative care.

Intimation of when to see a surgeon for acute low back pain: Lower back surgery is only capable of improving anatomical conditions, which may sometime results in either nerve pinching or spinal instability. If these symptoms are indicated in the imaging of spinal cord and the patients symptoms fit with the clinical and x-ray results then the spinal surgery is required urgently and if there are no symptoms of spinal instability or nerve pinching in the radiography or MRI scans then the spinal surgery is not the option for the patients suffering from acute low pain. In such cases the acute low pain can easily be cured with normal medication and regular exercise and stretching.

The decision whether to undergo knife is always the patient’s decision but in rare cases of Caudaequina syndrome and Abdominal aortic aneurysm urgent medication is required under the supervision of spine surgeons. The spine surgeon should give the patient enough information about the positive and negative aspect of the procedure to help the patient in their decision making process before the treatment. A spine surgeon who is either an orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon must have specialization and successful experience in spine surgery.

Factors to be considered before seeing a spine surgeon:

  • Level of the pain in back, neck, legs and arms:
  • if the pain is not relieved after seeing a doctor and following his or her medication and prescribed exercise and stretching for weeks or months, it may be the time to see spine surgeon and if the pain is severe then it is advised to see a surgeon as soon as possible.

  • Ability to work in acute low back pain too:
  • if the patients has the ability to follow his normal lifestyle with the ongoing pain too, then it can be cured by medication and prescribed exercise and stretching but if patients has lost his or her ability to follow his or her normal life style then it’s time to see a surgeon.

Jehangir Hospital happens to be one of the best hospitals in the country when it comes to providing treatment for spine surgery. The reputed panel of doctors and the use of epitome technology leverage the patient with the best of surgery and medical attention afterwards. Healthy spine will lead you to a healthy life…. no spine no life.

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