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Pediatric Critical Care specialists

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Critical Care Medicine is a stream of medicine that deals with diagnosis as well as management of perilous conditions, which require critical care, invasive monitoring and refined organ support to sustain the life of the patients. Critical Care Units or Intensive Care Units are mainly categorized into four types, Medical ICU, Neuro ICU, cardiac ICU, Trauma ICU and Paediatric ICU, each of which is supervised by skilled doctors who have acquired specialization in their respective arena of medicine. The critical care specialists ought to have in-depth knowledge of the specified services as well as experience in handling perilous situations.

Specialists at Medical Intensive Care Unit

The specialists at MICU, Medical Intensive Care Unit are trained to deal with various medical emergencies, which may also include hepatic and renal emergencies. MICU specialists are highly skilled in dealing with GI emergencies, respiratory disorders, hepatic and renal conditions, cancer emergencies, dengue, tropical infections severe in nature, malaria, and so on. Various other emergencies to be treated immediately by the specialists include cases of acute poisoning and victims of environmental disasters.

Specialists at Neuro Intensive Care Unit

NICU specialists in Pune are trained to treat immediate nervous system and brain related emergencies. Epileptic attacks, brain hemorrhage, strokes, Guillain Barre Syndrome etc. are some emergency issues which the specialists at Neuro Intensive Care Unit have to deal with. Neurosurgeons at NICU have to be skilled in use of various techniques like Burr Holes, Craniotomy, Lumbar treatments, Spinal Fusion etc. Clot bursting therapy is another technique majorly adopted in emergency cases. EEG monitoring, ICP monitoring, CT scan and Transcranial Dropper diagnosis and imaging procedures are some diagnosis techniques, which are used by the specialists at Neuro ICU.

Specialists at Neuro Intensive Care Unit

Specialists at Cardiac ICU work in accordance with cardiology department and offer fast and effective treatment to cardiac patients. The unit takes cases of acute myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock, cardiac failure, etc. The specialists must have a thorough experience in treating heart problems to work at Cardiac ICU. The cardiologists at the CICU undertake some treatments like thrombolysis, invasive and non-invasive heart-lung support, primary Angioplasty, instra-aortic bolloon catheterization therapy and many more to treat cardiac patients.

Specialists at Trauma Intensive Care Unit

This unit takes various polytrauma cases including chest, head and abdomen trauma emergencies. TICU runs with contribution of cardiac, neuro, orthopaedic surgeons and specialists. Specialists of various arenas work together at Critical Care Unit to provide state-of-the-art treatment to all emergency patients.

Specialists at Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Known as PICU, the specialists at pediatric critical carePaediatric ICU specialize in providing pediatric critical care to critically ill children, teenagers and infants. The unit has more professionals dedicated to per patient in comparison to other intensive care units. The staff of PICU includes physiotherapists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, child specialists and social workers in addition to surgeons. This unit is specialized to deal with all major emergencies ranging from respiratory cases to cardiac arrests and therefore works cohesively with other departments of the hospital. The professionals here are highly adept, given they have to deal with life threatening situations, which are further concerned with children’s lives.

Care at Jehangir Hospital

Once started as a nursing home, Jehangir Hospital has now turned into a fully developed medical institution that offers special treatments in a wide arena. The hospital has adept staff that boasts of both, degree and experience. Jehangir hospital is an institution that specializes in providing critical care in emergencies. It has a modern infrastructure with intensive care unit having 65 beds and 5 sub sections, MICU, TICU, NICU, PICU and CICU. Further, the hospital derives its credibility from ISCCM, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine that assures your life at the hands of skilled specialists.

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