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Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Signs That Tell You Are Pregnant

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Wondering if you have got a baby on your way? Pay close attention of your body and changes in it. Getting pregnant is always a wonderful experience. Giving birth to babies is a lifetime experience. Babies are the most wonderful things that can happen to women. Here in this article we are going to discuss the early signs and symptoms of the pregnency.

Early pregnancy symptoms that tell you are pregnant are:

  1. You missed your periods: Missing your periods is the most common sign to know whether you are under the process of getting pregnant or not. Rush to medical store and buy pregnancy test kit and be sure about your pregnancy.
  2. Observe change in your breast: As you undergo the process of conceiving the baby some hormonal changes occurs in the body, due to the hormonal changes in the body flow of blood increases in the breast tissues and the volume of blood increases in the breast, which swells up your breast and you feel heavier than usual.
  3. Cramps: while under the conceiving you will feel crampy because of fertilized egg’s attachment to the wall of the uterus. Uterus starts to expand and it causes cramps.
  4. Bleeding: missing periods is the sign of getting pregnant but in while of fertilization some bleeding can happen through your vaginal openings.
  5. Fatigue: Fatigue is an early sign of pregnancy within the two weeks of the conception.
  6. Change in shape and size of breast: After the 10 weeks of the conception your breast size and shape starts to change.
  7. Getting nauseates: Getting nauseate is an early sign after some days of conception.
  8. Bloating: Bloating is also an early sign of pregnancy. Feeling little puffy on your belly after some days of conception.
  9. Using loo more: Are you feeling more peeing, after some days of the conception women start to feel peeing more frequently.
  10. Eating more: After some days of conception carvings increases a lot. You feel hungrier, you could be found eating all day.
  11. Headaches: After some days of the conception you become little irritable and headaches.
  12. Feeling constipated: The same hormones responsible for bloating are also behind your potty problems.Because your digestive track is slowing down now.
  13. Mood swings: most common signs of getting pregnant after missing your periods is mood swings. Due to changes in hormones in levels you feel little moody in your pregnancy days.

These are the early signs and symptoms of getting pregnant. It’s time to celebrate your new experience. Take care of yourself very well and enjoy the motherhood. The symptoms are something that people needs to keep a tab on. Early detection of them can help people in acquiring the best obstetrics treatment and also the best of guidance from the requisite medical assistance. The contemporary world has all the facilities of the world, one can avail them with great ease and grace. People should grow more and more attentive towards their health and towards their coming baby. Babies need a lot of care while they are in the mother’s womb and early detection is going to help people in acquiring the best of facilities for them.

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