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Top ten foods to prevent heart disease

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Heart diseases have become so common these days that every third person is suffering from it. It has become the most leading cause for death in many developed countries. It is already known that following a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle would prevent us from getting into any of these ailments. But it is also not that difficult to follow a healthy diet and cut off the things that is harmful to our body and living. Eating foods that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids like the ones of olive oil and omega 3 fatty acids would help to prevent one’s heart from many issues like blood clotting in the arteries etc.

The following are the top ten foods that will help one to prevent themselves from the heart disease and the related issues.

  • 1. Sardines: these small fish works wonders and does the magic to keep the heart healthy and sound and protect it from all sorts of sufferings and ailments. One can take it fresh in sandwiches topped with sauces or you can also eat it after grilling or cooking.
  • 2. Oatmeal: this food keeps hunger at bay and is rich in fiber. One can have it in the breakfast for the lasting energy. However, it is better to avoid the often intake of oatmeal because they have sugars in them which are bad for your health.
  • 3. Mackerel: when you are tired of salmons and you no more like it, you can always opt for mackerel. They have the nutritive value as the salmons in them. The mackerel are filled with antioxidant minerals that will help to protect your body from all types of diseases especially the heart disease and cancer.
  • 4. Walnuts: people who want omega 3 fatty acids instantly and in more quantity can try having walnuts. They are the richest source for omega 3 fatty acids. One can try having it in salads and also it can be eaten as snacks.
  • 5. Tofu: these are made up of soya beans. These are known to reduce the cardiovascular diseases and their risks. They also help in reducing the LDL cholesterol.
  • 6. Plums and prunes: these are excellent source of fiber. They are also rich in iron content. When these plums and prunes are consumed on a regular basis, the research shows that works on reducing the LDL cholesterol in the body.
  • 7. Kidney beans and chick peas: the chick peas and kidney beans are also high in soluble fiber and they are the sources for protein. They are also cholesterol free and are low in fat. They also have the low glycemic content.
  • 8. Barley: barley has iron and minerals in them. A good portion of barley in our every day is required for a healthy living. Barleys are rich in soluble fiber and also in insoluble fiber.
  • 9. Garlic: introducing garlic in ones daily diet will help to prevent all kinds of heart ailments. They also protect from arteries blocking by cholesterol. One can have it raw or can also add in the everyday meal and have it as a part of diet.
  • 10. Ginger: ginger is also used for treating the various heart ailments. Consuming a small quantity of ginger every day will keep all the heart ailments at bay.

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