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Our Department of Neurosciences and Neurosurgery is a renowned centre for treatment of Fits, Paralysis, Movement Disorders, Head Injuries and Accidents involving the head or the spine.

We were the first hospital in the country to successfully carry out a Brain Stenting procedure that avoids Open Brain Surgery. Recovery in this case takes just a few days.

Aneurysms (malformation of blood vessels in the brain), which frequently leads to fatal Hemorrhaging can also be managed with a similar minimally invasive approach.

We were the first hospital in Maharashtra to set up a programme for providing TPA treatment for Brain Attacks (Brain Stroke), caused by clot formation in the brain. However, treatment must be started within 180 minutes of the first symptoms of paralysis.

We have saved many lives apart from preventing patients from becoming paralytic or losing their speech.

We were the first hospital in Maharashtra to carry out Epilepsy surgery for intractable cases of epilepsy and have seen excellent long-term results in such patients.

Managing Road Accidents In Our Neuro Intensive Care Unit

Severe head and spine injuries are common on account of the high speed of impact. These and Industrial trauma injuries are best treated in our specialized Neuro ICU.

Treatment, in line with European norms, is available for the management of myasthenia gravis, G.B. syndrome and coma.

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