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Jehangir Centre for Learning, Pune.

C/o JCDC, Jehangir Hospital Premises, 32, Sassoon Road, Near Pune station, Pune, Maharashtra, India -411001

Course Title

Post Graduate Diploma in Molecular Genetics


There is a growing demand for geneticists in the Health Service, in particular to run genetic counseling and diagnostics services in the coming personalized medicine revolution. Molecular methods are also used extensively in forensic science for the detection of crime, as well as in hospital diagnostics laboratories for disease diagnosis.

The course is designed to explain the technology, theory and practical approaches of molecular genetics methods to the diagnosis and understanding of human disease.

The Course Aims To:
  • Provide an advanced course of study in the theoretical and practical aspects of the genetic basis and diagnosis of human disease.
  • Allow students adequate time to integrate into an active research laboratory and take hands on training upon which they will be able to develop the skills which are essential when considering a career in research.
  • Train students in setting up PCR reaction on Conventional and Real time platform.
  • Train students on data analysis to understand the concept of Ct
  • Provide student hands on training on Conventional and Real time PCR instrument and software training.
  • Train students in setting up Real time PCR Gene expression assay, SNP genotyping etc.
  • Train students to carry out critical evaluation of case studies so that they develop the ability to report and interpret results.
  • Train students on clinical relevance of PCR assays, PCR technique, Absolute quantification on real time PCR , Gene expression, SNP assays.
  • Provides in-depth knowledge on Applied Molecular Biology and it’s applications in Clinical Research, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Forensics.
  • Provide thorough insight on principle and application of DNA sequencing.
What Skills Will You Gain?

The course will:

  • Enable you to acquire technical skills in the workplace and integrate the knowledge gained from the theoretical aspects of the course into the professional work environment.
  • Enable you to develop your skills in scientific and critical thinking and to study independently the critical cases.
  • Enable you to understand the role of genetic counselor and deliver the best to the patient service.
  • Enable you to develop effective way of communication.
  • Expose you to real world application and relevance of genetics.

After completion of this course you would have the knowledge and understanding of:

  • The basic techniques used in the isolation of DNA and RNA from different sources
  • Purifying them.
  • Quantification of DNA and RNA.
  • Amplifying specific gene sequences.
  • Conventional and Real time PCR techniques and its principle and application.
  • DNA sequencing principles and its applications.
  • Cellular Analysis.
  • Primer Designing.
  • PCR experimental design set-up and Data Analysis
  • Using these basic techniques in clinical medicine.
  • Genetic Counseling
Key Facts Of The Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Molecular Genetics is a weekend program conducted for 5 months. The institute’s vast experience in clinical research ensures that it has experienced faculty with over 50 years of collective academic experience.

Study undertaken in this program shall include:

  • Experienced faculty who are eminent members of Molecular Biology /Genetics industry.
  • Weekend course.
  • Includes applications in Clinical Diagnostics: Real Time PCR techniques, DNA sequencing, Cellular Analysis and Genetic Counseling.
  • Practical laboratory training in Molecular / Genetics laboratory to make students job ready.
  • Training sessions on Soft Skills, Personality Development.
  • Placement assistance provided.

5 Months. Weekend, Post Graduate Diploma

Basic Eligibility

Candidates with B.Sc Life sciences/B. Pharmacy / M. Pharmacy / MBBS / B.D.S / B.A.M.S / B.H.M.S / / BVSC /B. Tech in Biotech/ Bioinformatics are eligible. Educational qualification and experience in the field of medical sciences, life sciences, & clinical research.

Industries that will recognize this course
  • Medical and pharma companies.
  • Paramedic clinical centers.
  • Academic and educational institutes engaged in research pursuits.
  • Forensic Labs.
  • Hospitals
  • Biotechnology Industry.
  • Molecular Research Laboratory.
Intended Audience

This course is expected to be useful to:

  • Researchers, trainers, clinicians, pharmaceutical personnel and others affiliated with academic and higher educational institutions engaged in research pursuits.
  • It is suitable for graduates in life sciences, biomedical sciences and allied subjects, as well as people already employed in related fields who wish to improve and update their knowledge and gain valuable experience.
  • Students interested in careers in genetic counseling and DNA diagnostics.
  • Medical students and practicing clinicians interested in understanding the principles and complexities in human genetics.
  • Students interested in pursuing research in human molecular genetics.
  • Personnel working in public health services, counseling centres and diagnostic Laboratories.
  • Due to its trans-disciplinary nature, the course is open to students holding Bachelors degree in any branch of Science, Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmaceutics or Bioscience- related Technology/Engineering.
Contact details :

Contact Person: Mr. Parag Rasal

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Number: 9890086589

Fee structure

Total Fees INR 70,000 + ST as applicable [Currently 15 %]

Course Status Autonomous Institute

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